Environmental Responsibility

leafDropEarthIn addition to providing our customers with intelligent environmental monitoring solutions, CEMS recognise our own responsibility to ensure that our products and processes have minimal impact on the environment therefore

  • CEMS minimise the environmental impact of our products throughout their complete lifecycle, from design, research & development, to manufacture, usage and end of life disposal
  • Appropriate environmental awareness training is provided to all our staff. We continually improve and revise these environmental management systems and policies
  • We strive to minimise waste and consumption of materials and implement recycling and re-use initiatives wherever possible
  • All waste is disposed of through the appropriate channels
  • We monitor our environmental performance regularly, setting and reviewing environmental targets and objectives
  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, including RoHs, WEEE and REACH directives
  • We work with our suppliers and customers to improve on and reduce environmental impact, using energy efficient alternatives wherever possible
  • We communicate our environmental policy to all employees, and to our customers via our website
rohs compliant
reach compliant

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