Standalone Gas Detector

standalone gas detector

HELIO Gas Detection are an Irish company manufacturing intelligent gas detection safety systems. HELIO Standalone Gas Detectors have proven reliability where gas hazards are present.

Installed to protect people, control processes and safe guard infrastructure in Waste Water Treatment Plants, Laboratories, Car parks, Breweries, Boiler plants, Civic Amenity Sites, Pharma and Bio-Pharma facilities.

Supplied with a 1.5″ OLED display, visually indicating gas levels and alarm conditions. 2 x volt free relay alarm contacts, RS 485 Modbus and a 4-20mA output as standard, The HELIO standalone gas detector can operate independently or interface directly with a HELIO control panel to monitor a wide range of flammable and toxic gas hazards using Infra-Red, Catalytic and Electrochemical sensor technology. Network up to 200 HELIO gas detectors to reduce electrical installation costs. Remotely mount individual gas sensors up to 25 metres away from the HELIO standalone gas detector.

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